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Building Spotify’s New Web Player

Spotify’s tech blog has just published my post Building Spotify’s New Web Player. I explain why we decided to start from scratch and write a brand new Spotify experience on the web, and how the team is thinking about the future of the project.

A picture of a laptop showing Spotify's Web Player

Replacing a working product with a new one is a though decision, and doing it from scratch instead of iteratively always raises red flags. However, sometimes it’s the best option in order to move forward.

Spotify’s web player has been my biggest challenge at Spotify. The most difficult one but the most rewarding.

Read article on Spotify’s tech blog.

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Collaborative listening on Spotify using Connect endpoints

This is a post about a hack project I have been working on lately, and I wanted to share some information about why and how I built it.

tl;dr Here is the demo and the project on GitHub.

C, collaborative room to listen to Spotify

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Playing with the Spotify Connect API

Spotify released recently a set of endpoints in beta to fetch information of what is playing and send playback commands. This allows for a wide range of integrations and I wanted to hack a bit with it.

Spotify Connect

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Detecting tempo of a song using browser's Audio API

This article explains some ideas behind a small project to detect the tempo of a song using the Audio API. I recommend you to have a look at these links before reading the rest of the article: Demo and Code on GitHub. Beat Detection Algorithm Example

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Music Hack Day Paris 2014 and other projects

It’s been some time since my previous post and I wanted to write a short one telling what has been going on.

Personal projects

I have several small personal projects around Spotify in which I am working in my free time. I recently attended the Music Hack Day Paris 2014, where I coded Spotify iQuiz, an iQuiz-like web app that uses your Spotify playlists and to create some questions about albums and tracks you saved. I think the most fun part is the Speech Synthesis API, which provides a very easy to use text-to-voice feature, right on your browser.

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Spotify Hack Week 2014

We have just finished the second edition of the Spotify Hack Week. Like the previous one, the whole company has been hacking for a whole week lots of different projects. We have played with Raspberry Pi, 3D printers, and even stationary bicycles.

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Spotify Apps Development

I have been working for some time with Spotify Apps. Creating them is a great way to extend the Spotify client with extra features using web technologies. As it exposes a Chrome-ish browser, you can tweak your apps and take advantage of running on a well-known environment.

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Spotify Hack Week 2013

Spotify Hack WeekThis week almost the whole Spotify company have been working on hack projects. Having 5 days to implement your project is a nice thing, especially after having participated in many 24h ones, and encourage you to come up with more complex projects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible to implement.

On the Spotify Labs blog there is a post on how the hack week was organized, and you have a video by Kitchen TV. Spotify Trends Project

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Music Hack Day Stockholm 2013

Last weekend Spotify hosted the Music Hack Day Stockholm 2013 at their office in Stockholm. In the end, 65 projects were built by 162 participants, using APIs from a variety of music services such as Echonest, Musixmatch, Soundcloud, Radio and Spotify among others. Music Hack Day Stockholm

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