Let's make the web faster - Tips from Google

José M. Pérez

José M. Pérez / June 25, 2009

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Through menéame (a digg-like site) I have arrived to a website from Google Code where Google gives some tips and advices to make your site work faster, especially about loading time. Many of the tips are easy to apply thanks to the Firefox extension Google Page Speed that expands the features provided by Firebug.

The tips range from images optimization (choosing the right format and color palette, cropping the images to remove blank areas...) to the proper management of javascript and css scripts so that they can be downloaded in parallel and processed more quickly by the browser. Some features are to be implemented at the "server side" (as the cache, gzip compression and distribution of resources according to the necessity of cookies or not) and they are also explained accompanied by several examples and videos.

In addition, you can find technical lectures shown as Youtube videos which provide more information about the optimum development of websites.