Personal Projects

These are some personal projects I have been working on to learn more about different libraries and browser APIs.

I like trying out “the last new thing” in a small project and publish it on my GitHub account, both as a personal reminder of what I did, and to help people looking for examples.

Music/Audio Projects

  • Spotify Top
    Find your most listened songs, artists, and genres on Spotify. I built this project to start using cloud databases and familiarise myself with Next.js' different rendering strategies. Built using Next.js and NHost for the database.
  • Spotify Dedup
    A simple tool to remove duplicated tracks from a user's Spotify playlists. I did this to play with knockout and handling lots of async operations using promises, later moved to Next.js.
  • Spotify Dedup (mobile)
    A mobile application to find and remove duplicated tracks from your Spotify library. I did this to get started building apps with React Native and Expo.
  • BPM
    Calculating the BPM of a song using Javascript. I did this to play with the Web Audio API and show a useful example of using the Spotify Web API.
  • Karaoke
    An exploration of audio manipulation using browser libraries to remove voices from songs. I did this to play with the Web Audio API... and to realise I'm not very good at singing.
  • iQuiz
    A fun quiz game about your saved Spotify playlists. Do you really know about your saved music). I did this to play with the Web Audio API and Speech Synthesis API.
  • C - Spotify
    A collaborative listening room using Spotify. This project uses Spotify's APIs to log users in, search tracks and play them on any device through Connect. It was also an excuse to try out Next.JS.

Other projects not related with music

  • Bicielx
    A PWA to show the list of bike rental stations in Elche, Spain. I did this to try out mapbox and Next.js' PWA plugin.
  • Abrevio
    A Hemingway editor-like for text in Spanish language. Get hints as you write to improve your text readability. This project is built as a PWA with offline support. It uses React and DraftJS.
  • Sync Subs
    A handy tool to apply an offset to a subtitle file. I did this to play with the File API, CommonJS modules (including testing), and Service Workers (offline support).
  • LinkedIn to JSON Resume
    An exporter from a LinkedIn profile to JSON Résumé. I did this to play with the File API and ES6.

Spotify libraries and explorations

Some libraries to make it easier to use Spotify's Web API:

Random things

Other projects made just for fun: