Spotify Hack Week 2014

José M. Pérez

José M. Pérez / February 03, 2014

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We have just finished the second edition of the Spotify Hack Week. Like the previous one, the whole company has been hacking for a whole week lots of different projects. We have played with Raspberry Pi, 3D printers, and even stationary bicycles.

I worked on a project involving the Spotify website and the web player. It was a good chance to get familiar with some code I hadn't worked with yet.

Spotify Hack Week 2014 presentation

Spotify Hack Week 2014 presentation

It is a pleasure to be able to work on something different for a week. There were great projects and I am very excited after having seen what my colleagues built.

You have some pictures of the Spotify Hack Week 2014 on Flickr.