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What PWAs for Desktop means for Users and Developers

As Progressive Web Apps make their way on desktop I wanted to talk about why I consider this is a breakthrough. I have talked in the past about different uses cases for PWA. In this post I want to focus on PWAs for desktop.

A screenshot of Spotify's Web Player running as Progressive Web App

The current version of Google Chrome stable is Chrome 73. This version lets you install Progressive Web Apps natively on macOS. You can find more information about the release on Pete LePage’s “New in Chrome 73” notes.

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My 2018

As I expected, this year I have dedicated more time to my family and less to side projects. I have been on parental leave for 7 months and it has been a great time to put things in perspective.

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The different shades of Progressive Web Apps

Implementing a PWA or adapting an existing site to “become a PWA” can be daunting. There are many new technologies to learn about, but you don’t need to use all of them to improve your website performance and user experience greatly.

On this post I will describe several use cases where Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can be useful to make your website achieve better performance and be more reliable.

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The (mobile) web is making a come-back

The web ecosystem is maturing and every day we understand better how to architecture large and maintainable web applications. We also understand what makes our sites slower and are coming up with solutions to overcome this.

Building a complex site that can work on slow networks is a challenge. One that some companies have decided to accept without fear and share with the developer community.

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