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Web technologies behind Google+

We are all excited about the Google+ release, and this is a nice opportunity for web developers to find out how some of its more interesting features have been implemented.

I am trying to collect information about implementation details for every innovative functionality that makes Google+ push the limits of web development.

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Generating google images sitemap with C#

Today I have implemented an action in ASP.Net MVC that generates a sitemap containing the images of a website we are developing, just to check how this affects to the amount of images indexed in google images.

The XML structure, as well as the optional parameters, are defined on Adding image information to a Sitemap on Google Webmaster central.

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Let's make the web faster - Tips from Google

Through menéame (a digg-like site) I have arrived to a website from Google Code where Google gives some tips and advices to make your site work faster, especially about loading time. Many of the tips are easy to apply thanks to the Firefox extension Google Page Speed that expands the features provided by Firebug.

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