The importance of personal side projects

This blog you are reading is more a tool for me to consolidate some ideas and experiences I come across. So is my GitHub account, where I upload some small projects that otherwise would remain on my computer and eventually die. It is also a way of giving back: I have learned may things reading other people’s posts and code, and I hope someone can find what I do useful.

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Spotify's new brand identity using feColorMatrix SVG filters

This is a short post where I show how to use SVG and a feColorMatrix filter to apply a duotone effect to an image.

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SVG Optimisation using SVGOMG and FontForge

Lots of websites have started replacing their icon fonts and small icons with SVGs. They support CSS manipulations, animations and are great for responsive sites. But it is important to keep an eye on their size.

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Drawing images using edge detection and SVG animation

Back in the days SVG was barely used and supported. Some time after we started using them as an alternative to classic bitmaps for some icons, and finally we discovered it was the holy grail for providing responsive graphics. The flat and clean design trends have also make SVG as a very useful image format.

But SVG allows for even cooler features, thanks to the ability of modifying it using CSS and JS. And with some clever techniques we can make fun things, like drawing the borders of an image.

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Farewell Rdio

The news about Rdio shutting down have been unexpected. It’s always sad when a company building great products closes down. And even though I am working at Spotify, I still want to see good competitors, both smaller and bigger, that make everyone else strive for improving. All in the benefit of users.

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Using WebP to create tiny preview images

Following with the image optimization topic, I am going to have a deeper look to Facebook’s technique to create preview photos, and will show how WebP can simplify their solution.

WebP vs JPEG when encoding tiny images

tl;dr WebP produces tiny files when compressing small images. This makes it ideal for implementing preview photos. Check the demo.

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Web Performance talk in Stockholm - Internet Days

Today I have had the chance of attending the Faster than lightning track of Internetdagarna 2015. There have been talks about web performance, and some broader topics like big data and UI, how data is important for large companies offering free services, and the need for public Governments to build compelling competitive services. The videos are already online.The Heart logo @ Internetdagarna 2015

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How Medium does progressive image loading

Recently, I was browsing a post on Medium and I spotted a nice image loading effect. First, load a small blurry image, and then transition to the large image. I found it pretty neat and wanted to dissect how it was done.

A screenshot of a blurry placeholder while the image is loaded

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Fronteers 2015 - A wrap up

This was my first time in Fronteers, surrounded by lots of frontend developers and designers in an amazing venue in Amsterdam. Here I have a quick review of its talks.

The conference covered frontend development from several views. There were talks about interesting browser APIs, accessibility, developer tools, build tools, progressive enhancement, design guidelines, open data, how to structure teams or how to deal with projects and clients. It was very well organised, with good food, coffee and other snacks, as well as after-talk mingling.

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SSL all the things

… or why I have migrated my site to SSL. I have been willing to use HTTPS on my site for some time, especially to be able to play with some new technologies like Service Workers. And, if GitHub implements it, HTTP/2.

I’m using GitHub Pages with a custom domain to power this blog and the pages for my GitHub projects. While GitHub Pages can be served using HTTPS, if you define a custom domain you need to manage this.

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