June 29 2017

Reading List

Reading List

This is a list of some posts and talks I have read and watch during the last days. I write it to keep track of interesting content for myself, but you might also find it useful.



Website Speed Test

A screenshot of Cloudinary’s Website Speed Test checking this site.


  • Nic Jansma and Shubhie Panicker gave a talk at Fluent Conf named “Reliably Measuring Responsiveness in the Wild”. The slides for the talk are already available. They are full with great insights and are a must if you are into web performance. They show how to on measure responsiveness using old and new Browser APIs like PerformanceObserver, and show examples from real sites and how these metrics affect conversion rates.

Reliably measuring responsiveness

One of the slides of the talk explaining how to detect long tasks on our sites.


  • Alex Fernández has published How Much Did JSDayES 2017 Cost?. This is a conference I attended and it’s eye-opening to see how much effort is put behind the scenes.

  • I’m from Alicante, Spain, and I was very happy to find out about React Alicante 2017. There are not many tech conferences in the area, and I hope it is a success. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but i¡ll keep a close eye on it.