July 3, 2018 | Reading Time: ~

PiterCSS 2018

A few weeks ago I attended PiterCSS, the first international front-end conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There I gave a talk about creating a performance culture, based on the blog post I wrote recently. You can find the slides online.

Speaking at PiterCSS about Forstering Web Performance Culture

I could only attend the second day of the conference and I had a blast.

I met the amazing Una Kravets, whose job I have been following for a long time. I also met Andreas Larsen, who inspired me to optimize SVGs beyond using SVGOMG. There was the great Vitaly Friedman, who I admire both for his work at Smashing Magazine and his focus to push web performance and user experience forward. Oh, and Kornel Lesiński, the creator of ImageOptim, a tool I use on a daily basis which has made image optimization a non-brainer for everyone. And lots of very talented speakers who taught me about accessibility, animations, VR, typography…

The conference was held at a great venue. There was an extreme attention to small details, with lots of well designed posters, video intros, wall stickers, unique badges and even banners that the speakers could take back home. The best souvenir ever!

I would like to thank all the organizers for the great job they did and I hope they had a deserved relax time after the conference.

This was my second time at a conference in Russia and I enjoyed it a lot. I really like the single track format with only talks in English. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in getting up to speed with frontend development.