Spotify dedup

Spotify Deduplicator

Remove duplicate songs from your playlists and saved songs.

Find & remove

Dedup checks your playlists and saved songs in your Spotify library. Once Dedup finds duplicates you can remove them per-playlist basis.


Dedup will only remove duplicate songs, leaving the rest of the playlist and saved songs untouched.

Open Source

You might want to have a look at the source code on GitHub. This web app uses the Spotify Web API to manage user's playlists and saved tracks.

This is what users are saying

  • I just discovered your @Spotify dedup web app & it is awesome!!! Recommend to all #Spotify users! โ€“@VanKenton
  • @jmperezperez I've been using your spotify dedup code for years. Today, I finally decided to check out your other stuff. Amazing! I can't believe it took me this long to discover it โ€“@wormx
  • Thanks for the Spotify De-Dup! Very helpful and extremely easy to use. โ€“ PTR